• Residential ‘split type’ systems – With innovative design and high efficiency these systems are capable of conditioning rooms of all sizes, always with optimal efficiency and incomparable ease of use for you, the end-user.
  • Commercial ‘split type’ systems – A full and impressive range of highly efficient, class leading Commercial air conditioning equipment which will help you achieve comfort within your working space whilst at the same time helping the environment due to high COP’s and EER’s.
  • Large scale VRF systems – Professional solutions to all types of larger air conditioning projects. Specifically designed to reduce energy utilizing heat recovery technology and inverter driven compressors, these systems are the benchmark by which all systems are measured.
  • Large scale VRV systems – Similar to VRF in every way and with a massive indoor unit range and specification, these systems come in heat pump, and heat recovery options. Market leading equipment.
  • Air to Air Heat Pumps – Industry regulations are making planners more and more aware of energy performance and these systems offer ideal solutions to domestic comfort conditioning issues.
  • Air to Water Heat Pumps – These systems will not only heat your home and provide the hot water within it, but will also cool it in the summer – Perfect comfort whatever the weather! These heat pumps have been designed in response to new demand for low consumption housing, with high efficiency and low running costs.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation – Full fresh air systems which operate in heat recovery thereby recovering energy from stale air leaving the building and utilizing cross-flow paper heat exchangers to maximize energy use within the building. The ideal solution to fresh air supply to any building.

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